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Finding the perfect e-juice takes time and money, there are a lot of options and so many different liquids to try. We curate the best e-liquids on the market and we try it all so you don’t have to. For a dollar a day you can have your own professional curation service. You’ll never run out and we sort out the winners from the losers. Join the CIRRUSbox family, you’ll save money and every month you’ll feel that child-like excitement when your box comes in the mail.

Discovery. We'll help you create your perfect box. Let us show you the world.
Value. You’ll save money. On average our members save $25 a month.
Flexibility. Cancel Anytime or suspend your account until you want another box.
Quality. Instantly up your vape game. We only deal with premium e-liquids.
Personalization. Fill out your vape bio, flavors, nicotine, vg and notes to your curator.

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All subscriptions are customized to your preferences and shipped monthly. You tell us what you like and how strong you like it and we make sure the best e-juice for you shows up at your door. You can change your preferences at any time and we will adjust with your next package. You will be prompted to choose the package size after filling out your preferences.




2 bottles

New to vaping? This package is best for those who are just looking to be exposed to a couple new flavors a month. We do not send 30ml bottles with this package, some of the best eJuice comes in 30ml only.
*Choose "fill out your profile" to begin, you will be prompted to choose your package on the last page.




3-5 bottles

You're starting to go through eJuice faster than you have time to buy it. You have a more advanced mod. This may come with up to two 30ml bottles.
*Choose "fill out your profile" to begin, you will be prompted to choose your package on the last page.




2-3 bottles

"Sub-who?" This package may include a 30ml bottle. A little more than our smallest package, best for new vapers or vape pen users. You get a full range of our eJuice stock.
*Choose "fill out your profile" to begin, you will be prompted to choose your package on the last page.




4-6 bottles

Seasoned vapers. You sub ohm on the regular and you want to save some money on the best stuff out there. This may come with multiple 30ml bottles.
*Choose "fill out your profile" to begin, you will be prompted to choose your package on the last page.




3-4 bottles

You've been doing this for a while. This package will usually come with one 30ml bottle.
*Choose "fill out your profile" to begin, you will be prompted to choose your package on the last page.




5-7 bottles

You're a regular Thomas the tank engine. You vape hard. People know you. This will come with multiple 30ml bottles.
*Choose "fill out your profile" to begin, you will be prompted to choose your package on the last page.

*$3.50 shipping charge. *Cancel anytime, No fees. *Upgrade or downgrade your package at any time with the click of a button. *We do include some 30ml bottles *All packages are shipped within a week of your order.

How we curate

We get tons of submissions, not many make the cut. Each e-juice goes through an extensive vetting process. We are looking for the best e-juices that meet the following criteria:

  • The best tasting e-juice in it’s category
  • Has no chemical smell or aftertaste
  • Doesn’t contain additives that gunk up coils
  • Has an easily discernible flavor profile
  • Most importantly, we can vape it all day

We do this so that we can sort out the hype e-juice from the gems. Sometimes those aren’t mutually exclusive things, but if it goes in the box, it makes it on it’s own merit.

What if I need to put it on hold?

Life happens. You can suspend your account whenever you like, for as long as you like. Just unsuspend the account when you are ready to resume service. We would rather keep you in the family than see you leave because money is tight, or you need to take a break.

What if I am getting too much or too little e-juice?

We have made the service so it is as flexible as possible. You can change the package whenever you like if you need more or less each month. You also have the ability to suspend the account and resume it whenever it suits you.

Can I change my Vape Bio after I have filled it out?

Absolutely! You can always update your Nicotine, flavor, VG preferences and leave notes to your curator from your account.

Age verification

We use Bluecheck to verify age. There will be a checkbox on the last page. Bluecheck is a trusted age verification service that specializes in the vape industry.

How much is shipping?

We wanted to make this as easy as possbile. Shipping $3.50 for all packages.

What companies can I expect to get e-juice from?

As long as they meet our criteria we will put them in the box. We have access to thousands of different flavors and are adding more all the time. Our promise to you is that if we can’t vape it all day, you won’t get it.

Here are just a few of the brands we carry that you might recognize:

donuts premium e-juicemoo eliquids premium e-juicecosmic fog premium e-juiceuncle junk's premium e-juicehigh seas premium e-juicefrisco premium e-juicenatur vapor premium e-juiceethos premium e-juicejuice roll upz premium e-juicebeard vape co premium e-juicechapter xii premium e-juice

Canceling is a hassle free process. You can cancel from the my account page at anytime. Feel free to suspend the account instead if you may want to come back.

When am I billed?

You will be billed as soon as you complete payment and then every month after that on the same day.

Are there any additional fees?

There are no additional fees.

Do I have to pay tax?

Only if you are an Arizona resident.

Do you ship outside the US?

Not currently. We are hoping to add this service soon.

Is my information secure?

Yes. We use an SHA-2 SSL to secure all information passed through the site. All payments are processed through

Online Payments

Why should I go with CIRRUSBOX?

We care about every e-juice and every box. We do not send house e-juices. Everything is thoroughly tested before it is approved. We care about your preferences and we know how important it is to you that we exceed your expectations every month and we do so on time. We want you to love the service and we work hard to make sure that you do.

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California Proposition 65 Warning: Some of the products sold here may contain nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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